Affordable Payment Options

At the Minnesota Eye Institute, we believe financial decisions should not play a roll in a patient's need to treat eye problems. We will work with you to help you make the best decision.

Payment Options:

Payment Options:

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Minnesota Eye Institute and our team are committed to making your time with us as easy as possible. We understand the confusion that occurs surrounding payments by insurance and patient payment responsibility. Your questions are always welcome and we will do our very best to make the journey to an improved lifestyle one that is simple and easy for you.

Finance FAQ

Any of your questions can always be answered by contacting us. For your convenience we offer some answers to general and frequent questions below.

Do I have to pay my co-payment at the time of registration?

You are required to pay your co-pay at the time of service. You will be billed for your deductibles, co-insurance, and any non-covered services after we receive notification from your insurance company.

Will my insurance company cover my visits?

Insurance coverage questions can be better answered by your insurance member handbook, check with your employer or call your insurance company with questions. We generally do not know whether a particular service will be covered fully. Coverages vary with each insurance company, thus they can answer your questions better than our staff.

When will I receive my bill?

We will collect your insurance information upon your arrival at Minnesota Eye Institute. Once we submit the claim to your insurance you will receive a bill if: Your insurance company had denied the claim; Your insurance company has paid the claim, leaving a co-insurance, deductible or non covered service; your insurance company has not responded to the claim.

When do I become responsible for my bill?

Payment of your bill is ultimately your responsibility. All patient account balances are due upon receipt of your first monthly statement. We reserve the right to require payment at the time of service from any patient who has an overdue account.